We Are All Brilliant Sparks of Creation
Light Illuminates Shadows
Fear Dissipates
Love Expands
Joy Flourishes

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The Soul Knows You Are Worthy....

 Compassion, Kindness, Connection

Love, Understanding, Joy

Respect, Peace, Clarity

Support, Self-Confidence, Freedom

Trust, Truth, Faith

Flowing Synchronicity

Soul-Deep Authenticity

and more...

Collective Healing & Ascension
Begins In YOU....

 Many are here to assist the collective

The greatest affect begins within the individual

As you heal and raise your personal vibration

So the ripple effect changes

You release anger and begin living with more deep joy.

Uniting the aspects of ourselves must happen in order for the collective to reflect it.

As within, So without

We must have it within ourselves to experience it outside ourselves.